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-Brené Brown. Storyteller.

The experience in adventure racing traveling all over the world and getting to know all kinds of cultures, her biochemistry profile, being a mother of 3 children, an entrepreneur and a professional firefighter, has a lot to say and share.

Teamwork: leading an adventure race team where you spend many days without eating or sleeping well or in a fire station where you can experience very difficult services. She highlights the importance of communication, of pursuing common goals, individual and group safety, cohesion, leadership and good team management.

Effort: how it takes to suffer and strive to achieve goals that are often seen as impossible. Without a fight there are no results and if in the end they are not what you expected but you have been given everything, you always learn.

Perseverance and overcoming: constancy and motivation are keys to finish an ultra distance race, to do a good emergency service, to try to be a little better. Perseverance and a concern to do well, to finish what is started, and to fight to achieve our challenges.

Leadership: how to manage a team so that the most extreme situations do not sink us, find the motivation to move forward and be connected. A leader must know how to command but at the same time transmit what is appropriate at all times, set an example and achieve maximum team efficiency, whether in a race, in an emergency service or in a company.

Regeneration: any great test or service has its difficulties. How to overcome critical moments, how to motivate the team and be confident with yourself. How to overcome that physical and mental limit and move on. What moves us to be survivors of ourselves?