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Here you may find all the events that she and all her teammates organize through the CEC or the Club de Raids Adventure Addicts.
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WIAR: Woman International Adventure Race
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International raid adventure athletes Emma Roca and Monica Aguilera invite you to adventure into the world of outdoor activities collaborating of taking part actively in the WIAR (Woman International Adventure Race).

The WIAR is a raid exclusively developed for woman by the Centre Escursionista de Catalunya under Emma’s and Monica`s guidance. It’s and event, that after seven editions is well established and is a benchmark in the woman’s raid adventure calendar. Its main goal is to encourage outdoor sports activities and competition amongst woman. It’s an event where, in teams of two, woman can demonstrate there physical capabilities and mental strength, as well as there capacity for team work. It also promotes values such as respect for the natural environment. Raids are mountain sport events that combine orientation with running, mountain cycling, in line skating, rowing, climbing, zip wires, rappelling and other activities that combine mountains, rivers, coast line, lakes, the sea and cities.

The editions that have already taken place are:
2003 – Cerdanya (Puigcerdà)
2004 – Alt Urgell – Cerdanya (La Seu d’Urgell - Puigcerdà)
2005 – Berguedà (Avià)
2006 - Ripollès and Alta Garrotxa (Camprodón)
2007 – Osona (Sau - Centelles)
2008 – Baix Empordà – Gironès (Sant Feliu de Guíxols - Girona)
2009 – Cerdanya (Alp-Bolvir-Guils-Puigcerdà)
2010 – Cerdanya (Puigcerdà-Bolvir-Guils-All-Ger-Alp)

You can find more info at: www.raidwiar.com.
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"Raids with a minimum of three disciplines each one, only apt for active people"

What is it?
It’s a mountain raid with a minimum of three different adventure disciplines, one of which has to be orientation.

What are its characteristics?
It starts a Sunday morning in a specific point of Catalunya or Spain. It lasts no more than 5 hours, and aims to be a short and feasible raid both for initiated and non initiated people in the world of raids. All along the intensity will be as high as the people who take part in it want, since the rhythm will be set by the different teams. Teams that want to take part will find them an excellent way to train for longer and more demanding events.

It’s a couple’s non assisted event.
The material you have to take will be specific for ever event, but there will always be orientation. All the specific details for every event will be posted on our web page www.raidwiar.com
Start and finish will always be in the same place and we will always finish with a great goodbye lunch.
Possible disciplines you may find include; Orientation (always), trekking, mountain-bike, rappel, climbing, zip wires, kayaking, swimming, rowing, hidrospeed in line skating, sharpshooting, etc.

We ask for a minimum of experience in mountain-bike, trekking, racing....

This year we plan to have:
14-05-2012: L’Esclanyabocs triraid - La Seu d’Urgell.
More info at www.escanyabocs.com

09-10-2012: Ardenya triraid (Girona)

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With over 12 years of experience taking part in adventure raids the Buff thermo cool team, world champion in 2010, want to share its knowledge with experienced raiders, men and woman, that want to improve, learn and receive exceptional advice.

In the Sort training camp we want o work on several workshops:

MTB: How to repair the most frequent mechanical problems. Pedaling strategy. How to pull of a team mate, cycling orientation perfection.

Foot racing: How to choose the best footwear. Specific orientation by foot. Downhill technique. What kind of backpack to choose.

White water
- Water safety: Use of rescue rope. Emergency swimming. Un-capsizing boats. Getting on to capsized boats. Learn how to stop in backwaters.
- Reading the rivers line: Learn how to follow the fastest and most efficient line. Learn how to take advantage of the “bonus” the river gives. Find alternatives in case of floods, unexpected tree trunks, darkness, etc. Locate from far away dangers you have to avoid: “drossages”, “sifons”, “rulos”, underwater tree trunks, man made structures such as dams, bridges, ruins, etc.
- Selecting bends Where is feasible to cut them to gain time with short rows, Learn how to take advantage of the rivers energy and row using the minimum strength in white waters and maximizing you energy in calm waters, always dosing you effort.
- Learn how to drive a boat, learn how to be the guide or helmsman. Learn how to row correctly with an eficient and economical stroke. Learn different stroke styles. Learn which side is better for each person, and find the most comfortable position in every boat.

In this course we wan to supply everybody with the necessary tools to be able to face different situations that we can find in adventure raids, be it rowing, cycling or by foot.

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