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Last american footprint of the year

The North Face 50 miles Champs, San Francisco, California.

Sometimes things go inside out and you don’t know why. You are doing well from the beginning, you're feeling brave, you're enjoying the race, the environment, rivals ... and bit by bit you are noticing that something inside you is not good. You start to ask yourself questions, especially because you have already passed the race Ecuador but you still have 20 miles to go ...

I've had enough food? No (David that made me care I have seen very sporadically and I have been finding the supplies have been scarce ...). All the nutrition they need to take along very controlled Alimmenta dietitians.

I hydrated enough? Yes (Ettix electrolytes with water, perfect).

The femile period has created me problems? Yes (on its first day: it is abundant and painful ...).

The light from the headlamp worked well? No (we started the race at 5am, I must put a new battery ... rookie!).

I went too fast in the beginning? Probably (but I was really enjoying !, was a fast race, runnable, no technique and with different and great landscapes! see the Golden Gate from afar lit at night or in fog day between the hills and eucalyptus trees has been very cool ).

I planned well the strategy? Not enough (I came to SF for business meetings absorbing a lot of time before the race ... we want to do everything right (or perfect ...) and can not! we have to set priorities!

I slept well despite starting at 5am? Yes! Dr. Estivill had controlled everything! Eduard thanks !!

Despite having 20 years competing in many types of disciplines, over 5 running the toughest ultras from my schedule, I still learn from each race! and when you go far worse you learn even more to improve !! but now with 42 advanced years and making some veteran podiums, I don’t know if I have spare cartridges to waste ...

But the moments that you live in each race, the camaraderie among runners and here in USA especially among women (Despite being cracks they always greet you, and they wonder and worry if you're not good), I keep them like a treasure: they are unique.

And it’s also great how your family look after you and also when you just can eat everything without complex or limits! and also give to the body time to recover!.

I saw in my phD study, the SUMMIT, the advantages and disadvantages of long distance races to the body... Why I don’t apply what I have learned it? ups…

Non Stop with common sense!

PS: I didn’t take a picture with the best of the best ... I think it will come back, heh, heh ...

Photos: Byron Powell

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